Students enjoy a slushy adventure on Mount Bachelor

While many students were settling into their new homework routines, a pioneering group of VanCougs was busy shredding the slopes at Mount Bachelor Ski Resort. The Office of Student Involvement recently hosted their annual ski trip to Mount Bachelor on the weekend of January 23-25. In attendance were 80 students, faculty, and staff from Washington State University Vancouver. Of the 80 attendees, OSI reported that 21 were renting their gear from OSI, 14 of those were snowboards.

The VanCougs were lodged four per room to decrease costs. During registration, there was an option for them to request specific roommates, which helped to mitigate any oddities in the room. Each room had two queen beds plus a pull-out. James Gray, a mechanical engineering junior, said that it was really easy to sort out sleeping arrangements because he had been able to request his roommates.

The first day on the slopes began as soon as the lifts were open. Breakfast was provided at the Double Tree hotel, where the group was lodging, and the first shuttle left at 8:00 a.m. for the mountain. The lodge went from a calm building to a furious bustling of VanCougs trying to get lockers, put on all of their appropriate gear, and be the first ones to hit the slopes. GoPro cameras were being mounted and turned on, OSI employees were getting everyone fired up, and several groups were forming to tackle the same runs together throughout the day. However, there was a single cloud hanging over everyone’s head: the weather.

Conditions started out well; there were icy spots at times, especially in wind-swept or shady regions of the mountain, but they gradually became softer as the day wore on. Those areas that started out soft stayed decent as the day wore on but, due to the heat, they became slush by the end of the day.

Saturday evening OSI hosted a dive-in movie in the hotel pool accompanied by a taco bar. The movie, chosen through a poll of the attendees, was Guardians of the Galaxy, though the number of people watching was questionable, as the upbeat atmosphere eventually evolved into various pool antics, such as a cannonball competition, and everyone sharing their stories from the day.

The second day brought worse conditions than the first. Moguls had formed from the repeated carvings of experienced slope samurai, becoming even slushier as the day wore on. Many newcomers were still feeling the effects of their first day on the mountain. At the end of the day, everyone was able to agree that it had been a fantastic trip, and well worth the cost of registration. Gray said that he was able to chase the shade by “[moving] over to the east side of the mountain where… the snow was still great.”

On the trip back to campus students played various road games, such as The Valley of Green Glass Doors, read books, and shared stories of the weekend. Gray said that his favorite memory was getting to sit at the summit with his best friends. Some students shared videos of wrecks captured on a GoPro. The inevitable conclusion to the trip came shortly after 8:00 p.m. on Sunday when the busses pulled back into campus.


This trip has become an annual tradition for OSI and they are looking forward to next year already. Anyone seeking more information about this trip can check out the OSI Facebook at www.facebook.com/wsuvosi. They can also stop by or call the recreation office in the sports annex at 360-546-9532. Information on upcoming trips is generally shared on reader boards and A-frames as well as CougSync once it becomes available.

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