Summer at a glance: Classes and resources students offered over break

Summer is here and many students may be planning of going out of town. However, for all of the Washington State University Vancouver students who are planning on catching up on credits —or who just can’t stay away from campus —WSU Vancouver offers a variety of classes during the summer session.

Students interested in learning how an environmental change can transform a society are encouraged to take sociology (SOC) 102: Social Problems, which will be taught by Valerie Adrian. This class uses the Chicago Heat Wave of 1995 as a case study to learn how race, class, age, urban planning, infrastructure, and community created a recipe for disaster for many in the city of Chicago, according to the official course flyer.

Those interested in learning about what makes the United States unique in its historic migration and immigration history should consider enrolling in history (HIST) 314, American Roots: Immigration, Migration, and Ethnic Identity, with instructor Hans Grav. This course explores the themes of immigration, migration, and ethnic identity from the age of colonialism through the 20th century. Central to the course is the phenomena of people moving to a new place, what happens to them after they arrive, how they reconfigure personal and group identities over time, and how they have shaped history and culture of the United States.

For students interested in relationships—particularly on friendship—professor of English and American Studies Carol Seigel will be teaching humanities (HUM) 410: Love in the Arts: Literary Representations of Friendship, and will focus on the way friendship is represented in literature, literary theory and film.

For those not planning on taking classes during the summer but are looking to build resumes, or who have questions about resumes, the Student Resource Center (SRC) is sponsoring a series of labs available through May. The dates and times for the labs are May 12 12:30-1:30 p.m., May 13 9-10 a.m., and May 21 12:30-1:30 p.m. There will also be LinkedIn labs where students can learn how to use LinkedIn both the pursuit of work and how to improve their profile with assistance from the career counselor. The labs will be available for community members, alumni and current students.

Additionally, the fitness center will also be open during the summer for WSU Vancouver students and, although the Student Activities Board will not be holding any official events during the summer, students are encouraged to watch for special deals for the Oregon Zoo tickets, Cinetopia tickets and other sponsored activities.

Students interested in rock climbing should take a look into Smith Rocks Outdoor Rock Climbing, which will be sponsored by the recreation office. The dates for the event will be May 16 through 18.

For information and updates on summer activities, visit thevancougar.com, the SRC and OSI on CougSync and Facebook, as well as vancouver.wsu.edu.

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