The Great Summer Taco Race of 2014 commences

Ryan Kuehn has issued a challenge to taco lovers in the form of a taco-eating contest. The Great Summer Taco Race is taking place between June 21 and Sept. 22, and the goal is to eat 500 tacos. The rules for the race are simple: eat tacos during those dates, and take photos of them for evidence. All forms of tacos count, including taco salad and Choco Tacos, but the foods must be tacos, not burritos or anything else. Since there are only 93 days for taco eating, this averages about five tacos per day. A taco supreme court, which consists of three people, presides over all questions of “taco justice” for the competition. If there is a question about whether something is legitimately a taco it is taken to them, and they have final rule on whether or not it actually is a taco. In the event of a tie at the end of the contest, they will create the rules for a tie-breaking competition. There will be a taco trophy for the winner to keep until next year, when the reigning taco champion will have to defend their crown.

Kuehn discovered a blog from June 2011 where someone attempted the taco challenge, giving Kuehn the inspiration to do it himself. The person whose blog inspired Kuehn did not eat 500 tacos, and appears to have given up after only his third day. At the very least he gave up blogging about his tacos after only consuming 28 tacos. After seeing this blog, Kuehn made a “sacred taco pledge” to complete the challenge himself this summer. Kuehn takes his “taco-ing” much more seriously than the blogger who inspired this challenge, and plans to take the crown for “nature’s perfect food” this summer. Kuehn says “there are some real taco for life monsters up in this contest. There will be stiff competition for the taco cup, so if you’re going to come at us, you better come hard, bring a huge appetite and be ready for all tacos all day all summer.” One of the competitors is Tanner Ellison, who has been Kuehn’s “taco rival” for quite a while. Ellison was “formally challenged” by Kuehn for the cup, and has spent 1,000 hours training for the event, eating 100,000 tacos to prepare. Ellison says his “love for tacos is indescribable and unfathomable.”

Kuehn says that people “should come on down out of burgerland for the summer and eat tacos for 93 days straight.” With only four days left until the race launches, there is already a fierce competition for the crown. Since “the possibilities for taco fillings are literally endless,” people can keep variety in their meals while still eating nothing but tacos for 93 days. The race is open to taco lovers everywhere, and can be joined via the Facebook event page www.facebook.com/events/1387815661460284/ A full list of the official rules for the Great Taco Race can also be found on the Facebook page.

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