The paintings of Julia Waters

"Migraine" by Julia Waters

“Migraine” by Julia Waters

"Grief" by Julia Waters

“Grief” by Julia Waters

"Psychosis" by Julia Waters

“Psychosis” by Julia Waters

“This triptych represents phenomena any person may encounter, but which every person experiences in a different way. These experiences create an individual reality, starkly different from one person to the next. Represented in this painting series are migraines, grief, and psychosis. Other examples could be intoxication, disease, autism, love, and anxiety. Each individual has unique experiences and varying abilities that culminate to create a one of a kind human being. Judgement, stereotypes, and generalizations contradict this fact and devalue people. During this year’s anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, remember that people are not defined solely by their disabilities.”

For more of Julia’s work, you can follow her on Instagram, at Julia.rose.waters.

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