The Student Services Center does more than make Cougar Cards

Help with financial aid is not the only thing that the Student Services Center, or the Cougar Center, provides. The staff in the Cougar Center is also able to help with admissions, student ID cards, registration, answering questions about student accounts and Veterans’ services. According to Helen Gregory, Student Affairs administrative manager, the Cougar Center was “created seven to eight years ago to serve as a one-stop shop.”

At the Cougar Center, students can have their questions answered and the registration or paperwork-related worries at the beginning of a semester handled in one location. This allows students to worry about their academics rather than what paperwork needs to be completed and what forms need to be sent to what department on campus.

The Cougar Center is not only the in-person site for payments in tuition and student fees. When the Office of Student Involvement is overwhelmed by demand, the Cougar Center also sells tickets to events. This is just one of the reasons that all the staff within the center are continually cross-trained. Thanks to their familiarity with other departments, even if a subject is not within their personal field of knowledge, they can still answer general questions about the campus or direct students and visitors to someone else who can better answer a question. The staff has access to student accounts and can see what a student needs to do in the admissions and payment processes, and will make sure they know not only to take care of it, but exactly what to do, where to go, and who to talk to.

The center’s access to student accounts also helps them work as a helping hand when a student might feel overwhelmed by the information regarding access to the university.  The people working at the Cougar Center can use their experience with the various WSU Vancouver services to help a student feeling overwhelmed with the many tasks of enrollment to organize those responsibilities and opportunities into something manageable

The Student Services Center is open 7:30 to 5:30 p.m. Mondays through Thursdays, and 8 -5 p.m. on Fridays. If a student cannot physically visit the office, the Services Center can also be reached via phone at 360-546-9559 or via email at studentaffairs@vancouver.wsu.edu. The staff at the Cougar Center, in Gregory’s words, are there “to serve students and are welcoming to them coming in with questions. [They] want to be known for providing friendly and helpful services.”  Providing more than just a collection of forms and instructions, the Cougar Center’s staff helps guide the WSU Vancouver student body through the often-confusing process of registration.

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