The VanCougar sits down with KOUG Radio’s station manager

Raymond West became the station manager for KOUG Radio, the official Internet radio station for Washington State University Vancouver in May. Prior to becoming the station manager for KOUG Radio, West was a station DJ for about a year. Though he has only held the position for a short time, West is actively working to increase KOUG’s profile on campus and the number of DJs involved.

West describes the station manager as the “driving force” of KOUG Radio. Much of the job is taking care of everything behind the scenes, making sure the equipment is functioning properly and deciding on the content for KOUG Radio. Most of his day-to-day work centers on supporting the station’s many DJs and making sure they can run their shows without problems.

“To me, being station manager gives me an opportunity to provide other students with the same opportunity that I had, because when I transferred here the first thing I wanted to do was be a DJ on the radio station. Being able to give back in the same way that I was given the opportunity to do.” West said, when asked what it meant to him to be station manager.

West said that KOUG Radio frequently provides music for various events on campus such as movie nights, Spring Gala, the Involvement Fair and Monster Ball. West said that as the station manager, he decides on what music to play at certain events.

Any event is able to request KOUG Radio to play music at their events as long as they give at least three weeks notice. KOUG will also be providing audio for WSU Vancouver’s annual movie night on Friday.

As station manager, West said that he frequently works with DJs, and that working with DJs is “very interesting” because of their diverse tastes, not just in music, but also in the style of show they produce for KOUG.

“You get a lot of different people and a lot of different shows and even a lot of different music. You get all these different personalities coming to KOUG Radio and it is really interesting.” West said.

West said that the DJs that work at KOUG Radio come from a variety of academic majors who would most likely not meet each other if they did not work for KOUG Radio. One example he gave was a past DJ with a show reviewing movies and another running a rock program that became friends through KOUG Radio despite their different majors and interests. Programs also are not limited to just one host; last year, the Spanish Club collectively hosted a program every week.

For the most part, DJs choose the music playing for the radio. When no DJ is in the studio, however, KOUG Radio plays “the loop,” a playlist of several hundred songs, mostly indie pop. West and their music and programming director are responsible for selecting the contents of “the loop.”

Students, staff or faculty who have more questions about KOUG Radio, or are interested in becoming a DJ, can contact Raymond West by email at koug.radiomanager@vancouver.wsu.edu.

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