The Women of Distinction Event honors empowering women on and off campus

“What women have mentored, empowered and guided you?” That is the question being asked by the annual Women of Distinction event. The event will be held at Washington State University Vancouver on Mar. 26 in the Firstenburg Student Commons starting at 6 p.m.

Recognizing women of distinction has been a WSU Vancouver tradition since its inception in 2009. The event serves to honor women who have mentored, inspired and empowered others both in their community and at their educational institutions.

Awards are handed out in three categories: high school student, Washington State University Vancouver student and non-student. The non-student award can go to either a WSU Vancouver faculty member or a non-affiliated community member.

Brenda Alling, 2014 winner in the non-student category, said of the award: “I love Women of Distinction, it’s a fun event that empowers women to get out there and be active in their communities.” Alling attributes her award to her strong work ethic, putting in over 40 hours a week here at WSU Vancouver as well as volunteering in the community, and her ability to balance her workload with the care she takes of her husband who has cancer. Alling has served as a mentor to notable alumni such as Jacob Schmidt, whom students might recognize from recent promotional ads and billboards for WSU Vancouver, and Kiera Smith, who is now working for Fisher Investments.

There is still time for students to nominate the women who have made significant impact in their lives. Go to CougSync or visit the Women of Distinction webpage at studentaffairs.vancouver.wsu.edu to submit an application form. Nominations will be accepted until Feb. 22. After submitting a nomination, remember to attend the award ceremony on March 26 to see who wins in this year’s categories.

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