Tomorrow starts today

The following is an open letter from ASWSUV President Shain Wright:

Last week I had pleasure of serving as an orientation leader to an incoming group of first-year students. I vividly remember what it was like to be a first-year student myself: I was nervous about making friends, doing well in classes—especially the transition between community course work and university course work. I remember contemplating my future with anticipation; I could not wait to graduate, to finally start my life. While serving as an Orientation Leader, I heard students express similar feelings of excitement, nervousness, and a desire for their lives to get started. I am writing today to tell you that your life has already started.

Attending a Higher Education Institute is about more than going to class—though we should all be doing that too! Being in college is about forging connections, creating lasting friendships, learning about yourself and the world, and growing as a person. I am sure each of you has heard the ‘get involved’ and ‘take advantage or your resources’ speeches, usually they go on to tell you that you can use the resources for free. I, however, want to challenge this. The resources provided on our campus are not truly free; students pay for them with their tuition and fees, and so to not utilize them to the fullest potential is a disservice to yourself and your future.

One resource that I find to be highly under utilized is your student government, ASWSUV. ASWSUV hosts over twenty-five student positions (paid by your dollars) that aim to represent and advocate for you on multiple levels: campus community, administration, local, and state government. In the past ASWSUV has worked tirelessly to bring you better parking, Wi-Fi, and water bottle refill stations. On a local and state level, we have lobbied in collaboration with other higher education institutions to bring you the first reduction in tuition in the state of Washington in 30 years!

This year as ASWSUV, we aim to bring you a more accessible campus, in our academics (Blackboard), location (facilities), and community (our events). We also hope to create a more equitable distribution of resources, specifically ticket sales (Cinetopia, musicals etc.), and will continue to fight tirelessly for a reduction in tuition that extends not only to undergraduate students, but graduate students as well. As a student, you are already a part of ASWSUV, and we need your involvement to have a more connected campus community, and a stronger voice to bring to administration, local, and state officials. So get involved today! After all, you have already invested your student dollars.

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