Upcoming Floats for Votes event connects students with state and local leaders

The second annual Floats for Votes event hosted by the Associated Students of Washington State University Vancouver (ASWSUV) will take place on September 24 in the Firstenburg Student Commons and will last from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m.

Connor Haggerty, Director of Legislative Affairs for ASWSUV, describes the event as a civil engagement aimed at connecting students to their community and legislative leaders. Haggerty said, “Bringing state legislators and county officials [to WSUV], students can feel more connected to their politics and their campus.”    Haggerty further explained that Floats for Votes hopes to make politics fun and engaging for students. The event will feature free root beer floats, opportunities to win ASWSUV swag and the chance to socialize with state and county leaders in a social setting.

This year’s event will also feature an appearance from a local non-profit organization entitled Right to Be Heard. The organization promotes students getting involved with their communities and encouraging students to vote.

One of the goals of Floats for Votes is to get students who are not already registered to vote the chance to do so. Haggerty said, “what we will be hammering home this fall semester leading up to the elections is voting, both registering and participating.”

Haggerty also mentioned the importance of upcoming federal elections, most notably the presidential elections, and that students can expect future events from ASWSUV to be themed around watching presidential debates and stressing the importance of student votes.

Politicians which students can meet at Floats for Votes include Chuck Green, Linda Glover and Greg Kinsley, as well as state senators Annette Cleveland and Linda Wilson, among others.

Campus administrators will be present at the event as well. Haggerty said only a couple of politicians present at Floats for Votes are currently running campaigns. “Fortunately, the only guests who are running campaigns are at the local level, so state senators that will be at the event are not going to be focused on their campaigns, rather more interested in implementing policies and speaking to students, getting to know them on a personal level.”

Haggerty and the rest of the ASWSUV executive staff have been planning this event since early August. Key changes to this year’s event over last year’s include the formatting. Haggerty said, “this year, Floats for Votes is more of a social event whereas last year we had guest speakers. There will not be any speakers this year so students have more opportunities to interact with legislators and county leaders.”

Students who have questions about the Floats for Votes event or are interested in getting involved with ASWSUV can contact Connor Haggerty via email at aswsuv.dla@wsu.edu or by stopping in to the executive staff office located at VFSC 130.

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