VanCoug Voices: On Caffeine


Sam Reel (pictured above), a sophomore majoring in psychology, drinks an average of one mocha per day and will occasionally have two. During study time she drinks an average of two cups of green or grey tea.


Sam Beatty (pictured above), a junior majoring in psychology, drinks 2-3 cups of coffee from Starbucks per day and doesn’t drink coffee during study times because it puts him to sleep.


Jennifer Shroy (pictured above), ASWSUV senator and junior majoring in psychology and digital technology and culture, student drinks an average of two cups of coffee per week, but drinks roughly three to five cups of tea per day.


Leopold Moreno (pictured above), a sophomore majoring in anthropology, drinks four cups of regular coffee daily. He occasionally drinks tea and energy drinks for the flavor. He goes through about a pot of coffee during heavy study periods.


Leah Kerns (pictured above), a sophomore majoring in elementary education, says she hates coffee and avoids caffeine altogether.


Natalie Callahan (pictured above), a senior majoring in personnel psychology and human resources, drinks about three cups of coffee per day and one cup of tea at study time.

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