VanCougs Creative Corner: the poetry of Amanda Flynn

Damn Girl! Get a Watch!


January 26th, 2017

                         Working Draft

Ext. Hollywood Boulevard Marble Stars – Day

JOCELYN: “Damn girl! Get a watch! Remember the time…”

Helen: “Oh yeah…”

O.C. VOICE: I remember the minute I found out I was a girl

my mom stepped on the scale

and said she was overweight.

Voice Over: She was 98 pounds.

Int. McDonald’s – Warm, Cheap, Convenient

Clock is clicking closer. Girls sit to table munching on fries while people converse and pick up orders. Guy makes burgers tirelessly, sizzling, popping gum as the cashier looks over. Narrator takes quick breath.

O.C. VOICE: I celebrate the hour in which I realized I was a girl

Anthony twisted my arm while it was still in a cast

and bashed me to the ground.

VOICE OVER: She threw him against the fence and

gave him a charley horse.

JOCELYN: “Damn girl! Do you even remember the day?

HELEN: “Hell, how could I ever forget it…”

O.C. VOICE: I recall the day I knew I was a girl

Denny would only date me

if I didn’t have freckles.

VOICE OVER: She scrubbed her face with lemon juice

till it cracked-blistered-peeled.

O.C. VOICE: I think about that minute I realized I was a woman

and I was about to go on stage,

but, I just couldn’t leave that bathroom stall.

Voice Over: She was afraid, perhaps,

the bleeding meant she was dying.

O.C. VOICE: I reminisce about that hour I knew I was a woman

when I found love, but, became even

quicker friends with heartbreak.

VOICE OVER: She flung that bracelet against the wall and wept until the nightmares became beads.

Cues stop. Exit stage left.

O.C. VOICE: But, I’ll sure as hell never forget the day.

I just about had enough and I enrolled in that women’s studies course.

Int. Room – Helen and the clock meet face to face. SHE’S HAD IT!

HELEN: “Now see, I dismantled that wretched dial,

For its rackety-clackety-numb filled hour and

its tick-tick-tick minute dollar, got to make money

to survive sign, And SHE scratched her nails on

HIS face, No warning wheel would stop the speaker

from the bursts of loose screws, ratchets, and clanks

And I got up, real clearly, all up in HIS tail and HIS pinion,

I got up to his clack-click-pit-clack and I whispered, I said,

‘You know all my secrets, and all my springs,

But you’re gonna know my one and final absolute.’

Oh yeah. I remember the second. I got up in Father time’s

lever springs. And I told HE, real clearly, I yelled,

‘You sure as hell can control time, but my gender

will NEVER define my success.’”

VOICE OVER: I remember the minute

O.C. VOICE: I recall the hour

JOCELYN: I celebrate the day

HELEN: I finally learned the truth.

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