VanCougs Creative Corner: the art of Maggie Handrun

“Runinen’ my pretendin'” by Maggie Handrun

“Undone” by Maggie Handrun


My name is Maggie Handran and I have always seen my art as a two-way street. I look at it as a therapy for self expression, at the same time, I hope my art can reach the viewer so they may have a conversation and experience with my pieces.  A give and take conversation if you will, but the artist has no way to rebuttal, so the conversation becomes internal or amongst peers. My favorite way to communicate.
My pieces range from abstract to realism but my purpose is all the same.
You can find more of my art on Instagram: hairbrained.artist

Submissions to the Salmon Creek Journal have closed for this year, stay tuned for instructions next year.

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