VanCougs Creative Corner: the artwork of Victoria Moon

“Prisoner’s Tide” by Victoria Moon

It is thought that chaos is the science of surprises. Bringing unpredictability into all our lives, it also bears a negative connotation of uncertainty and unpredictability. However, we go through the motions and meet face to face with controlled chaos every single day. You see clusters of ants starting to form at the edge of a child’s melting ice cream cone, and just twenty minutes later, you’re stuck in a traffic jam because of a riot happening in downtown. No matter how inconvenient it seems, life continues on and moves us in yet another unpredictable path. The constant hustle, the connections we make, and the beauty of uncertainty are all components to this thing we call “life”.

So in short, I have been stuck in life’s unpredictability and focusing much of my work on the constant battle of what it means to be free versus confined, and the beauty of organized chaos. And while it is difficult for me to articulate my thoughts into words, my use of lines and transparencies have aided me to portray life’s surprising pulsing moments.

Submissions to the Salmon Creek Journal have closed for this year, stay tuned for instructions next year.

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