VanCougs Creative Corner: The poetry of Jennifer Schwartz

 A Muted World

Existing in a world of endless sound

Is like forcing different puzzle pieces

To become one distinct, clear image

A doomed mission for those of us

With malfunctioning systems

Where silence prevails


Missing the soothing tick of a clock

The serenade of rain hitting the roof

Forcing laughter for a joke that slipped

By my damaged and battered ears

Leaving me powerless against

The waves of conversation


Hidden gadgets allow to me hear

To build a brighter future away

From Lonely, uncharted space

Where doubt and regret destroy

Leaving only shards of hope

Like a black hole


The secret quest is clearly mapped

To embrace this unmuted world

Where colors drip with exotic beats

The fire-fueled drums of vibrant reds

Light Jazz piano flowing off cool blues

Devouring the emptiness


Soaking up the symphony of life

Dancing around like soft snowfall

Collecting memories like treasure

Flames of joy, love, and creativity

Will light the abyss of my spirit

Where truth resides


It is too late to turn back now

This long and unnerving journey

Is not one I can attempt alone

Along the way I may get lost

But if I never try, I will surely fail

At finding myself


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