Vancouver campus celebrates 25 year anniversary

Next August marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of the opening of the Washington State University’s urban campuses: Vancouver, Tri-Cities and Spokane. Currently, plans for a celebration are not public and no one outside of the 12-member committee is divulging any details.

According to Brenda Alling, director of marketing and communications for Washington State University Vancouver, and member of the committee, “We have pages and pages of ideas, nothing is set in stone as of yet. It’s possible we could have a gala.” One certainty is that the twenty-fifth anniversary, like the twentieth, will be a yearlong celebration.

After realizing there was a need for higher education in the area, WSU established the Vancouver campus in 1989. In 1990, the first graduating class consisted of 38 students, but the school quickly grew. In 1991, WSU purchased the Salmon Creek site for $5.5 million and construction of the 384 acre campus was completed in 1996. Riding an economic boom, the school continued to expand in 2001 and 2002 with the addition of the Multimedia Classroom Building and the Engineering Life and Science Building. Over the span of 10 years, the rest of the buildings standing on campus were constructed.

Alling and the other members want to help celebrate the defining features of WSU Vancouver. Alling added, “This is an opportunity to share with the community what we’re all about.”

Students with questions about the celebration should contact student ambassador Peter Collier at petercollier@email.wsu.edu

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