Vote-Chella 2013: Success!

Students participated in democracy by registering to vote, signing voter pledge cards and talking with
local legislators. Vote-Chella was not just business, though. Students came by to play games like lawn
Jenga and lawn bowling, vie for prizes and indulge in candy and snacks. ASWSUV gave out so many
prizes and t-shirts that by the end of Vote-Chella, they had ran out.

The results of Vote-Chella will be on going. With Election Day on Nov. 5, students who registered to
vote or intend to vote will be able to raise their voice and influence local legislation. Positions that are
up for election include candidates for city council, mayor and freeholders. Vote-Chella succeeded in
gaining over 90 signed voter pledge cards, as well as more than 20 new voter registrations filled out by

Additionally, legislators who visited campus for Vote-Chella are excited to develop a partnership
between campus community and local legislators. This means more opportunities for civic action and
conversation, as well as opportunities for students to be heard in local legislation.

Jayme Shoun, director of legislative affairs with ASWSUV notes that the purpose for inviting
legislators to campus is to, “Provide a comprehensive platform not only to meet our representatives but
also answer questions about what they do.”

Vote-Chella is about more than just voting. Jayme Shoun explains that by participating in local
elections, “Students become active stewards in their community, politics, and in essence their future. It
is not just about registering, but actively participating, staying informed and voting.”

Hungry for more opportunities for civic engagement on campus? In late October there will be a small
event regarding a Clark County ball. Also keep an eye out for an event on Election Day, and an event
to decipher mysterious new role of freeholders and what it means for Clark County government.

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