Week of Welcome volunteers help students ease into a new semester

During the week of Jan. 11-15, faculty, student and staff volunteers will be available to answer any and all questions for students on campus.

Washington State University Vancouver’s Week of Welcome will help assist students by answering any questions such as where to pick up parking permits, where different buildings are on campus, or how to add or drop classes. Students can drop by the “Ask Me” table set up in front of the Library Building where student leaders wearing blue “Week of Welcome” t-shirts or crimson “Ask Me” badges can point students in the right direction during the first week of the new semester.

Spencer Vaughn, one of the Student Ambassadors, said “An ambassador should always be at the table for students, but we aren’t the only ones who take shifts helping out. Folks from student government, as well as student media and the veteran’s center, all come out to help students no matter what they need.”

Another Student Ambassador, Brooke Nuorala, also expresses that it is a great opportunity to get connected and meet people on campus. “[It is] the ultimate opportunity to get connected on campus in a really informal and easy manner. We say hi and welcome you with candy, warm smiles, college stories and information that will make you feel like you’ve got this and you’re in the right place. We bring ourselves to the table… in the hopes that you bring who you are too.”

Students can also look to anyone wearing an “Ask Me” shirt for assistance, even outside of regular tabling. Even if they cannot answer a question, they can point you in the direction of someone who can.

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