Week Of Welcome

The Week of Welcome will usher in the first week of the new Fall Semester providing new and returning students a number of resources for any questions or needs they may have.

Every student was sent an email before the first week of school welcoming them back and also reminding them of the Week of Welcome efforts students, staff and faculty have organized to ease the back to school transition. As stated in the email sent out to students, “WSU Vancouver’s Week of Welcome serves to help you ease into the new academic year.” The email also states that anyone on campus wearing a sky blue tee shirt with the Week of Welcome logo or an “Ask Me” button will be available for students to seek assistance from. Additionally, Monday through Friday a table will be set up outside of the Library building (VLIB) and manned at various times each day for the sole purpose of helping students. Campus maps will be available at this, “Ask Me,” table and as always they are available on the back of the first issue of the VanCougar.

The Week of Welcome is hailed as a “massive success” by Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, Nancy Youlden. Historically, the Week of Welcome has only existed since 2011 and was created out of an identified need to increase the feeling of welcome, enhance student satisfaction, retention and increase campus unity and cohesiveness.

Youlden states that the Week of Welcome is a product of student input. While working with and questioning students about their experiences starting school as a new student in the Fall, one student’s remark resonated with Youlden and the whole of the Student Affairs staff.

“One of the students who said he had a great experience starting in the fall said ‘I felt good but I didn’t feel really welcome, there wasn’t a banner or anything.’ It was really that piece of information that led us to the idea that why don’t we be more deliberate not only welcoming our new students but our returning students too, we appreciate all of our students,” Youlden said.

The Week of Welcome isn’t just a success for the students but it has also worked to bring the campus community closer together for a shared cause.

“Even though it is really informal we try at the end of the week to have a picture taken with everybody wearing their blue shirts and just kind of come together at the fountain,” said Youlden.

Those who volunteer to participate in the Week of Welcome wear the sky blue shirts that Youlden believes, “everyone looks good in that color.” For students looking for help or a friendly welcome to campus approach the Week of Welcome team wearing the shirts for questions about where to find classes or even where parking services is located. Any questions students have the Week of Welcome team can answer or help you get the correct answer.

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