What would you do with $1.4 million for students on campus?

According to vancouver.wsu.edu, portions of Washington State University Vancouver student tuition dollars are earmarked every year for “building fees, operating fees and Services and Activities (S&A) fees.” The earmarked amount allocated for S&A fees adds up to roughly $1.4 million and what most students may not know is S&A funds are available to use for non-academic purposes including student government, performances, speakers, services, facilities and equipment for students.

The annual Professional Writers Series is one example of how S&A funds are used. Published, professional writers from around the pacific-northwest region give a series of presentations hosted by WSU Vancouver over the course of spring semester.

In 2012, the total amount available was $1,575,428, making many of the student field-trips, speakers and events over the course of this last year possible. Additionally, the ASWSUV worked to student printing costs to be subsidized by S&A fees, keeping the cost of printing only 5 cents per page.

S&A fees are a portion of the tuition costs every WSU Vancouver student pays. Nearly 1/10 of tuition, about $500 per student, is placed into the S&A account for organizations within the student body to access.

Students who are part of a club or other student organizations are able to fill out a request form, which are accessed through S&A page on the WSU Vancouver web site. Once the form is filled out, it goes before either the S&A Fee Allocation committee or the S&A Facilities Fee Allocation committee, depending on the amount of funds requested and the proposed appropriation. Both committees are comprised mostly of students, but include faculty members as well. Students interested in applying for positions on either committee are welcome to complete the appropriate applications and forms through the S&A web page.

Students interested in learning more about how to apply for S&A fees, official forms can be found online at vancouver.wsu.edu, under Services and Activities. The deadline to apply for S&A fees is March 14 at 5 p.m.

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Photo Credit: Katie Fennelly

Photo Credit: Katie Fennelly

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