WSU goes global

Expanded degree options, non-credit certificate programs and greater connectivity for students and faculty are hallmarks of WSU’s newest campus

On July 2, WSU launched its first new campus since the university founded its three urban campuses in 1989. Global Campus is an online educational venue that incorporates WSU Online and much more. It links students attending WSU on the Pullman, Vancouver, Tri-Cities and Spokane campuses with students and faculty living anywhere in the world where they can connect to the Internet.

Executive Director of the WSU Global Campus, Dave Cillay, said, “WSU Online has become a central pillar of the Global Campus, which brings together five far-reaching Washington State University programs.”

The five pillars of Global Campus include WSU Online, Global Connections, eLearning Services, Digital Academy and Conference Management.

Students familiar with the WSU Online website will find that Global Campus transformed the original site to provide a more integrated and expanded WSU community.

“Our goal is to give online students the same campus experience as those who live in Pullman or Vancouver,” Cillay said.

WSU Online offers a list of eight undergraduate degrees, 11 formal minors, six master degrees, seven certificates and three teaching endorsements. It provides informational webinars and the opportunity to connect online with other students, professors and mentors at events held in Spokane, Tacoma and Pullman.

Available later this fall, the Global Campus’s Global Connections program will present Online Learning, eCareer Fairs, Common Reading, Digital Pavilion and eVents.

Online Learning will allow students to gain knowledge in a variety of different areas of focus.

eCareer Fairs will provide an online networking opportunity through which WSU students can connect with potential employers, internship and volunteer coordinators — all without leaving home.

Common Reading will provide a virtual reading group where students, staff and faculty can discuss their latest reading choices.

Digital Pavilion will provide an online venue where students may share and showcase their research and receive feedback from other students.

eVents will list a calendar of WSU events in Pullman and around the state.

eLearning Services, another feature of the Global Campus provides tips and ideas to enhance the online learning environment. For example, courses and tours on Angel and zzusis are available here.

eLearning Services also showcases a variety of interactive activities and videos designed to help students in specific areas. An interactive piano keyboard, a virtual map of Asia and a soil sampling video are a few options.

Digital Academy offers non-credit online learning opportunities. Professional certifications are available in a variety of areas such as instructional effectiveness, health and wellness, healthcare policy and teaching. Food science and master gardener training are also offered, and the variety is expected to grow.

Global Campus offers conference management services that connect students, faculty and community members both virtually and face-to-face. A list of upcoming conferences is posted on the site.

Cillay said the Global Campus not only helps students build real-life connections, but also gives them a feeling of belonging to a larger community. Online students can even run for an office in student government through ASWSU-Online.

“Just like Vancouver students, [online students] now have a campus they can call home,” Cillay said.

WSU has expanded continuously since opening the doors to the Pullman campus in 1890. The new Global Campus once again introduces new opportunities for both students and faculty, and according to Cillay, “There is a lot more on the horizon.”

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