WSU Vancouver campus smoking policy recommendation to Chancellor

Feb. 15 the ASWSUV Senate passed smoking policy Resolution 22.002 with a 9-1-0 vote. Recommending designated smoking areas on campus, an otherwise ban of smoking on campus and the creation of smoking cessation programs, Resolution 22.002 aligns with the results of the student smoking survey.

This past fall ASWSUV launched a smoking survey to assess student opinion on the campus smoking policy. The intent of the survey was to build a Senate recommendation for Chancellor Mel Netzhammer.

At their Feb. 1 meeting, the ASWSUV Senate voted to move a resolution. This resolution would prohibit smoking on campus, with the exception of parking lots. Despite survey results supporting a ban, the resolution failed.

Resolution 22.001 failed because it said there should be designated areas in the parking lots and that smoking should be prohibited on the immediate campus. The term immediate campus was not defined, which caused a problem with some senators,” said Matt Wadzita, ASWSUV Senator.

Wadzita believes that national trends show colleges moving towards smoke free campuses. He thinks the WSU Vancouver smoking policy will eventually follow suit with the country.

Moving forward, now that Resolution 22.002 has passed and been given to Chancellor Netzhammer, Wadzita says he is not certain of the next steps. The students have given their official word on the smoking policy but now it is up to administration to make the final decisions.

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