WSU Vancouver English instructor Regina McMenomy celebrates 30th episode of gaming podcast, “Game On Girl”

Regina McMenomy, instructor of English at WSU Vancouver, is the antithesis of the stereotypical college professor. Far from the buttoned-up egghead, enamored with all things old and boring, McMenomy is a gaming geek who recently finished the 30th episode of her weekly podcast, “Game On Girl.”

“‘Game on Girl’ explores video game culture, identity and gamer girls through individual interviews.
McMenomy launched the podcast in February as a way of sharing the interviews she had recorded in the process of researching her doctoral dissertation, a degree she earned in 2011 at WSU.

“It seemed natural to start a podcast based on that,” McMenomy said.

McMenomy’s areas of academic specialization include feminist performance theory, identity formation and online representation. Rhonda Ogelsby, a designer, fellow video geek and original research study participant, co-hosts the site with McMenomy.

“When people think of gamers, they often think of this socially inept guy who lives in his mom’s basement…who has no desire to do anything but play video games. I’ve seen experienced gamers who have had transformative experiences that helped them understand off-line life and experiences through gaming,” McMenomy said. “A lot of people want to be dismissive, [but] there is a lot that can be gained from [gaming] if you look at it in the right light.”

When she is not teaching at WSU Vancouver or Concordia University Online, McMenomy enjoys gaming. She also attends local conventions such as PAX and Emerald City ComiCon.

“It’s always fun for me to walk into class, be the professor and say ‘I research video games’.’ You don’t look at me and think that’s what I’m going to do or that I’m a gamer, that I play these things,” McMenomy said. “I love defying expectations. I love when I’m not who they think I am.”

Based on the feedback and number of downloads McMenomy’s podcast has collected, “Game On Girl” has been well received. She plans to continue the podcast and to continue writing about video games. After she was contacted by a book publisher interested in her podcast and research, McMenomy became interested in what other venues she might explore. For starters, she would like to teach a class about video games as literature.

“I bet that class would be full very quickly,” she said.

McMenomy guest stars on other gaming podcasts, networks with a community of gamers on Twitter and connects with WSU students who are gamers.

“I would love to interview people from [the WSU Vancouver] campus if there are gamers out there who want to come on the show,” she said. “If they want to get in touch with me that would be cool.”

“Everybody probably knows someone who games. If you don’t understand why they’re gaming, ‘Game On Girl’ might shed some light,” McMenomy said. She recommends viewing the episode titled “Game Culture 101.”

For more information, visit gameongirl.com or check it out on Facebook at facebook.com/gameongirlpodcast.

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