WSU Vancouver responds to hacking attempt

Washington State University, as well as many other top research colleges, has recently been on the receiving end of a cyber attack. The attack was system-wide and as a result, affected all WSU campuses.

On July 8, 2015, university IT professionals became aware of a potential breach in our school’s security system and took immediate action to resolve the issue. Federal law enforcement was contacted and by August 19, 2015, the first phases of improving security began.

These improvements have caused interruptions in students’ and staff’s ability to access required materials and information, and they may persist until the security threats are thwarted and investigations as to the nature of the attack has been completed.

The main resource that the unnamed hackers may have retrieved all WSU login information, including but not limited to usernames and passwords, according to WSU’s Enhancing IT Security web page.

It is highly encouraged that all students and staff update their passwords to ensure their access to WSU resources is safe. For assistance on how to accomplish this, please go to https://reset.wsu.edu for instructions.

Michael Stamper, campus CIO, emphasized that there is “no indication that information in university email has been taken,” and that the student email’s cloud-based servers currently show no signs of tampering.

University policy now specifies that all email communication be done via official WSU accounts. Stamper also said that additional information about the attack and ways to improve personal cyber security are available at security.wsu.edu/faq.


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