WSU Vancouver senior, Josh Wright, is on a mission to raise students’ political awareness

As the upcoming presidential election approaches, political experts speculate on which demographics will matter, who will vote and who will not. Here at WSU Vancouver, Josh Wright, director of legislative affairs for ASWSUV, is determined the student demographic will not be dismissed. He is trying to raise the awareness of students to the fact their voices can and should be heard in upcoming elections.

Wright, a senior majoring in English, has a simple message for the students on the WSU Vancouver campus: “Your vote counts.”

As of Oct. 5, more than 150 students registered to vote through on-campus registration at WSU Vancouver.

Wright said he knows the statement sounds cliché, but adds: “It really does matter. If every student in America voted, they would account for forty percent of the vote.” The problem as Wright sees it is that most students don’t recognize how strong their voices can be.

Wright said his decision to get involved in politics on campus was inspired by the recent ASWSUV campaign and subsequent elections of Daniel Nguyen and Adam Bruckner. After the election he applied for the position of director of legislative affairs because he knew it was something he could do successfully. Part of the job is introducing political concerns to students on the WSU Vancouver campus.

When asked about the recent gubernatorial debate hosted on campus, he said: “It was a huge honor and we hope to do more things like that in the future.” However, he is not promising a similar event any time soon.

“We’re still recuperating,” he said.

Wright and other members of the ASWSUV executive staff will sponsor upcoming events to inspire students to vote. ASWSUV representatives will circulate on campus until Election Day, offering voter registration forms and assistance to students qualified to vote.

From 9 p.m. – midnight on Oct. 11, ASWSUV will sponsor a dub-step dance titled: “Live. Vote. Dub.” in Firstenburg Student Commons. Students can have fun, socialize, eat and register to vote – all at one entertaining event.

This spring Wright will head to Olympia to advocate for student interests at the Capitol. Before he goes, Wright plans to collect students’ stories to sway Washington state legislators to vote in favor of increased funding for higher education. Wright invites WSU Vancouver students to share stories they think will help legislators understand student needs and interests. Contact Wright at 360-560-5675 or aswsuv.dla (at) vancouver.wsu.edu.

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