WSU Vancouver student suffers serious motorcycle accident

Family and friends of injured student Mike Scoggins, a senior DTC major, raise money to cover medical bills

The night of Aug. 24, WSU Vancouver student Mike Scoggins was involved in a serious accident. Scoggins, a senior DTC major, was riding his motorcycle in Brush Prairie when he was hit by a minivan. The driver had stopped at a stop sign and didn’t see Scoggins, so they pulled out in front of him to turn left, but it was too late and the two collided.

Scoggins landed on his head and fractured the C4 and C6 vertebrae in his neck and shattered the C5 vertebrae. According to Scoggins’ girlfriend Brooke Askey, a senior majoring in biology and English, he has had two surgeries on his neck to fuse new bone and titanium plates to the broken areas. Luckily his motorcycle helmet and jacket protected his head and prevented serious road burn, but Scoggins also suffered bruising and a dislocated thumb.

According to Askey, Scoggins currently needs a temporary respirator to help him breathe, but is awake, aware and talking all the time. He has limited feeling below his chest, with some movement and feeling in his arms. Scoggins needs time to rest and heal right now, and isn’t taking visitors until he moves to the University of Washington Medical Center in Seattle, said Askey.

To help Scoggins and his family with medical costs, there is a 5k walk/run on Sunday, Sept. 8 at Klineline Pond/Salmon Creek Trail. Registration is not required; anybody can show up at 9 a.m. and donate whatever they are able. There will be snacks, coffee and some free t-shirts. Scoggins’ employer, Ryonet, organized the 5k and will have items for sale too.

Aside from collecting donations and getting some exercise, the 5k will let people show their support with a lot of positive energy. Askey believes it will be very motivating for Scoggins and his family to know that people are supporting them.

Looking to the future, Askey says, “The movement he has right now is a really good sign to all of us, as it’s not technically supposed to be possible. Neck and nerve injuries have a wide range of outcomes. His recovery right now cannot be predicted. However,
his family, friends and myself are all sure that he is going to recover well.”

“Anyone who knows Mike knows that he is an extremely strong individual. He is motivated, he has goals, he has a huge support group behind him, and while he knows that his road to recovery is going to be a long one, he is also staying positive,” said Askey.

A rummage and car show is being planned for proceeds to go to Scoggins, dates and times to be announced. Visit indiegogo.com/ projects/think-mike for more information and to donate.

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  1. Brooke Askey says:

    Thanks for the article, Sarah. I’ll keep everyone updated on the rummage sale and car show, and if there is any more important news. This is great, thanks for getting the word out!


  2. That is a sad story, I hope Mike recovers well.

    How come no one has written about the new cameras being installed around campus, it started last school year. That is such a big brother story if I’ve ever seen one. I haven’t seen an article for it yet. Are you not allowed to write about it or something?