WSU Vancouver weighing options on student health care

In early August two consultants from the American College Health Association (ACHA) came to Washington State University Vancouver’s campus to evaluate and identify potential problems withas well as possible improvements to student healthcare on campus. Over the course of three days the consultants met with school officials, took tours of the campus, and held forums with graduate and undergraduate students.


Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Nancy Youlden said, “Students are interested in increased [healthcare] services.” During the forum, students were asked in what ways they would like healthcare improved on campus. Despite these forums being hosted in the summer months, 40 to 50 students attended each forum session to voice their opinions and ideas for improving campus.


Ideas that were brought up during the student forums were the option for healthier vending machines, elective series on health, nutrition counseling, CPR training, and alternative ideas such as having cots on campus for students to lay down on if they are not feeling well.


“We are a young campus and still building” Youlden said, “We have no health services. So we wanted to bring in professionals to figure out what we need or could do.”


A draft report has been sent in and the campus is waiting for a conclusion that will come near the end of this month. Once a conclusion is reached the campus and ACHA will implement steps to take to improve and implement options for student health care. Youlden said, “we feel good about the consultants and their expertise.” With the visitation of ACHA consultants and the draft report sent in, WSU Vancouver students might see an increase of services for student health.


Currently WSU Vancouver has some options for student care on campus. Counseling Services offers free, private and confidential counseling services to enrolled students. Individual counseling, couples counseling, group counseling, psychological testing, and crisis and consultation services are also provided by Counseling Services. The staff consists of two full time psychologists and two doctoral level trainees who work under the supervision of the centers professional staff.


In addition to Counseling Services, WSU Vancouver also has the Access Center. Once known as Disability Services, the Access Center offers services, auxiliary aides, and academic accommodations for enrolled students with documented disabilities. The staff consists of an Access Center Coordinator and two part-time assistants, one that oversees the Testing and Note-taking Services and the other who oversees Alternative Print & Conversion.


These two services provided on campus have combined together to share an office in the south end of the lower level of the Multimedia Classroom Building. Their office hours are Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m. – 4:30p.m and can be reached at 360.546.9238. Counseling Services can be reached by email at counselingservices@vancouver.wsu.edu while the Access Center can be reached at access.center@vancouver.wsu.edu.


Comments or questions concerning Student Health Care or the visitation by the consultants should be directed to the Office of Student Affairs by phone at 360.546.9559 or via e-mail at studentaffairs@vancouver.wsu.edu.

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