WSU Vancouver Wi-Fi’s reach grows a little longer

Students waiting for the next bus will find it a little easier to kill time without using up all of the month’s mobile data. Washington State University Vancouver’s IT department recently announced another expansion to their Wi-Fi range, adding new access points at the bus stop in front of the Classroom Building. Service has also expanded to the patio outside the Bookie.

This is only the first planned expansion to Wi-Fi service.  In a written statement to the VanCougar, Campus CIO Michael Stamper said that outdoor coverage in the Quad is their next project, and that they are also exploring ways to add service to the patio at the Firstenburg Student Center and some of the parking lots.

Stamper also highlighted strong enrollment in the secure WSUV Wi-Fi network, saying “thousands of devices [connect] daily, including more that 50% using the new 5 GHz protocol enabled in August 2015.”

Vancouver IT has also begun working on optimizing signal strength, with three buildings’ service already completed and the rest to come before the end of the semester.

Next month, IT will release its 2016 survey to gather feedback from the university community about technology performance and future priorities.  More information will be released following its publication.

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