WSU Vancouver’s Campus orchestra is gone — but not forgotten

Students who enjoyed participating in their high school’s music programs may wonder how to stay active in performance art at WSU Vancouver. The campus has had a community choir for 10 years, but many musically-minded students wonder why campus has no orchestra.

Michelle McIlvoy, manager of the Office of Student Involvement, said that WSU Vancouver had an orchestra is the past. The club started in fall semester 2010 and ran through 2011.

“It was definitely not a full-size orchestra,” McIlvoy said. “It numbered only around ten students.”

Despite its small size, McIlvoy said the orchestra performed on campus approximately five times. The orchestra even played at the annual Women of Distinction event that McIlvoy herself organized.

While the club is no more, McIlvoy said that reviving it would be a relatively simple process, requiring just five students to find an advisor and fill out a club charter. She also indicated that some supplies remain available from the previous club.

“We still have some things like music stands,” McIlvoy said. “But students have to bring their own instruments.”

Students who are interested in reviving a campus orchestra should inquire at the Office of Student Involvement located in Firstenburg Student Commons.

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