WSU Vancouver’s Travel Café is back

This April, the Office of Student Involvement will again host the annual Travel Café photography contest. The specific theme for this year is “explore your possibilities.” Submission ability is exclusive to Washington State University Vancouver students, staff and faculty.

The Travel Café photography contest will be held on April 11 from Noon – 5 p.m. in the Multimedia Building (VMMC) Rooms 103 and 107. The anticipated date for this event was originally Feb. 21, however, Cambri Shanahan, marketing intern for the Office of Student Involvement and the administrator of this event, believed Feb. 21 was too early.

When the first photo contest was held in 2009, it only featured photography. This year, however, it will feature more than photography. “This year, I decided to include more than that. One, to kind of give people—attendees—more to do at the event and two, to make it a little bit more exciting, instead of coming in and looking at just photos,” Shanahan said.

In an effort to make the event more inclusive, the Travel Café will feature graphic design, drawing, painting, print and postcards. The featured photos will be displayed and attendees will have a chance to fill out voting sheets once they have seen the photos. While attendees will be able vote for their favorite photos, the fine arts department will choose the postcard winners.  Along with featuring various works from the fine arts Department, this event will offer workshops and artists discussions.

Aspiring photographers and artists will need to submit their photos or postcards to studentaffairs.vancouver.wsu.edu/student-involvement/travel-cafe by March 31 at 11:59 p.m. to be considered for the contest. Students and faculty with questions about the travel café photography contest are encouraged to contact Cambri Shanahan at osimarkintern@vancouver.wsu.edu.

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